What’s Going On?

Document Cameras and Laptops Placed in DHS and Middle Schools

doc cam laptops

Over the past few weeks, IDEA Team technicians have worked diligently to deliver Lumens Ladibug document cameras to DHS, Byrd, Kennemer and Reed. These cameras were delivered to core classrooms which is a part of PHASE 1 of the standardization processMore details regarding what classrooms are receiving can be found by downloading “Is My Room in the Standards” on the technology website. An installation timeline for your particular grade level/subject area can found on Campus Timelines on technology website. Training has also begun on document camera use and best practices. If you have not received training and you have a Ladibug document camera, training will be coming your way shortly. 

In addition to document cameras, 7 laptops have been delivered across the district to classrooms grades 3-8. These laptops have been placed in core general education classrooms where academics are taught to large student groups as a part of PHASE 1 of the standardization process. Because some campuses may not have previously had the necessary secure cabinets to store devices and power to charge them, we are working in conjunction with our maintenance department to accommodate these classrooms. 

If your classroom was missed during this process and you fit the criteria (as shown on the technology website) to receive a document camera (DHS, 3 middle schools) or you need your equipment to be moved to another room, please enter a help desk ticket so that our team can take care of this for you.

Interactive Projector Installs Have Begun!


Over the last several weeks, campus walk-throughs  and  discussions with administration have been occurring at DHS, Byrd MS, Kennemer MS and Reed MS to determine placements for projectors and sound systems. Each room is carefully inspected to establish a standard for equipment placement. 

J. Hyde, Teacher at DHS

Installs have begun at DHS! These installs are occurring in the evenings so that class instructional time is not interrupted. Campus administration and teachers (receiving installs) are being notified by email prior to installs occurring in their rooms when possible. Interactive projectors will be installed first, followed by sound installs which are projected to begin in late October/early November. 

Don’t worry intermediate and elementary school campuses. You have not been forgotten! You all are scheduled to receive equipment also. Find out when on the technology website. 

What’s the big deal about these interactive projectors? How are they different from what I have? Stay tuned for answers.

The IDEA Team


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