Three Facts that You Must Know about the New Toshiba Laptops

#1 When are the New Toshiba Laptops Coming?1295092948-800px

Many administrators, teachers and library media specialists have been wondering exactly when they will receive the new Toshiba 2-in-1 laptop. We have news for you! We are pleased to say that we are growing much closer to the deployment of these innovative new devices.

In order to make this deployment process run as smoothly as possible, 30 teachers have been selected to serve on a beta laptop pilot group. An email was sent out to all employees who are eligible for a device requesting candidates to participate in the pilot. Over 125 staff remembers responded to this email. In order to obtain the most streamlined data possible, candidates were recently narrowed down to include a wide range of job titles, grade levels and responsibilities. This week, this select group will begin a 2 week test pilot of the devices. This pilot will help us determine any major issues that may need to be resolved prior to our large-scale deployment.

After our test pilot group has concluded its term and potential issues have been addressed, we will begin campus laptop deployments. Please know that technology will certainly be considering testing schedules and other major campus events as we plan and finalize our schedule.

#2 Why was this Device Chosen?

As technology rapidly changes, keep in mind that our devices must advance as well. With our previous laptops at the end of the warranty period, after 5 years of use, it’s time for change! Let’s take a quick look at the device comparison below. Check out the advanced features! Just think, staff will now be able to capture photos and videos, write with a stylus and even enjoy almost 7.5 more hours of battery life!


Dell Latitude E5420


Toshiba Z20t ®

Webcam: no

Inking Capability: no

Ability to Connect Wirelessly to Projector:  no

Storage Size: 128 GB

Battery Life: 9:27 hours

Touch Capability: no

MicroSD Card Reader: yes

Bluetooth: yes Version 3.0

Processor: Core i5

Optical Drive: yes

Operating System: Windows 7

HDMI/VGA Ports: yes

Webcam: yes (front/rear camera)

Inking Capability: yes (digitizer stylus/pen)

Ability to Connect Wirelessly to Projector:  yes

Storage Size: 128GB (ability to add external and cloud storage)

Battery Life: Up to 17 hours in the clamshell mode and 9 hours in the tablet mode

Touch Capability: 10-point touch-enabled display

MicroSD Card Reader: yes

Bluetooth: yes Version 4.0

Processor: Core M

Optical Drive: no (ability to add external drive)

Operating System: Windows 10

HDMI/VGA Ports: yes

#3 I Still Have Questions, Where Do I Find Out More?

For more information on the new laptops, please visit our technology website. For answers to questions such as, “Why did I not receive a new laptop?” or “What do I do if I need access to an optical drive?”,  please visit our FAQs for Teacher Laptops page.

~The IDEA Team


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