Do You Hear What I Hear?

Sound System Test Rooms Installed at DHS


Last week, two rooms received test sound installs at Duncanville High School. These pilot rooms are fully equip with four ceiling mounted speakers, one high quality amplifier, one wireless receiver and one wireless teacher microphone. This system, using the new X D technology, is designed to meet student needs no matter where the teacher is in the room. The lightweight wireless microphone, worn by the teacher, allows all students to clearly hear what is being projected when using his/her normal voice. Various types of media such as the teacher laptops or a mobile devices may also be connected and channeled through the speakers using an audio cable.

Campus-wide sound installs are expected to begin at DHS at the end of this month, following the approval of our pilot rooms.

Why is Sound Important in the Classroom?

Studies show that on average, teachers spend over 6 hours talking during the school day (Enhancement, 2015). Imagine what it would be like to go home with a well-rested voice, while student achievement is greatly increasing. Learn why our Audio Enhancements classroom audio system is a perfect solution. Select the video below to see how many students have benefited from a classroom sound solution.

Click here to read more about great education benefits of sound in the classroom. *Note-the system that we are receiving is an updated version of what is featured on this video.

Brandenburg Intermediate Receiving Interactive Projector Installs Starting This Week

We are proud to announce that DHS, Byrd MS and Reed MS are nearing completion of interactive projector installs. We are also pleased to announce that technology has been able to allocate resources to accommodate expanding the roll-out to include some SPED rooms (when appropriate), art rooms and some elective rooms during phase 1 of the standards implementation.  More information regarding installs at Kennemer MS are to come in the coming weeks. Installs are on track to begin at Brandenburg IS this week. For more information on standards installs, visit our technology website.

Where Can I Find Technology Resources?

As many of you may have noticed, the technology department is quickly making progress with our technology website. If you have not yet visited the site, don’t miss out. Two areas that you may want to bookmark is the IDEA GUIDES page. This page is often updated with resources that can assist you with your technology needs.  In addition, our Instructional Technology team also has a TEACHER RESOURCES page with videos, links and handouts that can be helpful.

help website

The IDEA Team


Enhancement, A. (2015). Science Behind Sound. Retrieved from Audio Ehancement:


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