What’s NEW in Technology?

180 Teachers Are Excited to Receive NEW Toshiba Laptops Next Week

Over 330 staff member quickly responded to register to receive their new Toshiba Laptops prior to Thanksgiving Break! 180 are slotted to receive their devices.

Over the past couple of weeks, we received feedbacknew teacher full from staff expressing interest in receiving their new device prior to the break so that they would have time to get acquainted with their new device. In response to these requests, we are offering 3 different sessions next week for staff to switch out their devices and specific accessories. In less than an hour of notification by email, all 180 slots were filled! Approval was sent by email to the first 180 staff members who registered. Those staff members who have been placed in “pending” status will be notified by email should additional slots become available.

930 NEW Laptops Deployed for Student UseIMG_9508

Last week, 930 new Dell laptops were distributed to campuses district-wide for student use. These additional laptop carts will be made available for teachers to check out as needed. Each cart, consisting of 30 laptops will allow our students more opportunity for one-to-one learning as well as group assignments.

For information on mobile carts for the classroom standards and mobile lab safety and care, visit our technology website.

NEW Safari Montage Content!

The district has recently purchased more content in Safari Montage! Safari Montage is a video (on-demand) and digital media management/distribution system. It contains up-to-date, standards-based content-aligned video as well as other types of media such as digital images, audio, weblinks, eBooks, documents, quizzes and more.

Listed below are the NEW core titles for K-8, as well as K-12. A complete list of content can be found on our technology website.
new k-8 contentnew upper content

Currently, campuses are using Safari Montage regularly in their classrooms and at home. Take a look at the the stats for last 30 days! Bilhartz and Hardin are rockin’!

safari stats
Safari Montages Campus Usage Totals

Tech Training Stats District-Wide: Campus Progress

all training stats
Congrats to Central and Fairmeadows for the highest totals! *Note: Recent sessions may not have been calculated during the time stats were pulled.

All across the district, technology training on content such as document camera use, interactive projector use, Safari Montage, Google Apps and more have been trained by our Instructional Technology Coordinators and Library Media Specialists. These flexible offered sessions have provided staff with the opportunity to learn more about the new equipment they are receiving, as well as great tools and resources that the district has to offer. Detailed statistics are made available to campus administration so that they are able to keep track of their status (see campus Tech Coordinators for reports). This image shows the current status of the Completion of Training Modules at each campus. Staff are asked to attend sessions and take advantage of the various styles of training. Staff have the option of attending in the morning, conference times and in some cases after school. Training is offered in various forms such as one-on-one, group (face to face), Just-in-Time, online, and by e-course. In addition to campuses, departments/groups such as transportation, secretaries, curriculum, principals, DLT and others are also offered training. Approximately 1,868 training sessions have been offered this year.

For a list of upcoming training sessions, visit our Instruction Technology Training Calendar. Training Resources can be found at our technology websites as well.


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