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iPad Pilots and Roll-Outs

As part of the district standard and bond, our technology team has currently deployed 680 iPads to campuses for student use grades K-2! We began our deployment process with a pilot that consisted of teachers from Merrifield and Bilhartz elementary campuses. Once the pilots were completed and pilot recipient feedback was analyzed, any known issues were addressed and the district-wide deployment began.

“We love the iPads…!!!” explains Karolina Fullerton, 2nd grade teacher at Central elementary. “It’s so great to be able to be a Century 21 kind of classroom!! . . .We’re truly grateful. . .”

Both teachers and students have expressed their excitement about the new devices and what they positively contribute to classroom instruction. “I’ve already seen a difference in learning since using the iPads”, stated Ambreen Das, a kindergarten teacher at Merrifield Elementary.

For training resources on iPads, visit our Instructional Technology website.

Tips for Taking Care of iPads

In order to prolong the life of our district’s iPads, listed below we’ve included some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Please be sure to place iPads in a locked cabinet when not in use.
  • If left out charging during the day, please make sure to lock the classroom door when leaving the room. (Including teacher issued Toshiba laptop)
  • Frequently monitor student use.
  • Continue to remind students of management procedures put in place for use.
  • Keep iPad case on the device at all times.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean smudges and smears.
  • Avoid humid or extremely hot environments.


Tank Tops, Flip Flops and Technology Training?

JOIN US THIS SUMMER in June for Technology Training @ the IDEA Hub!


  • Attend one or a combination of sessions.
  • Half day and 45 minute sessions offered.
  • 37 different topics to choose from.
  • Potential Trade Out Days.
  • Hands-on sessions available.
  • Get a jump start on fine tuning your skills!
  • Don’t forget to register in Eduphoria!

New Toshiba Teacher Laptop Deployments Come to an End


We are pleased to announce that ALL Duncanville ISD campuses have now be provided with the opportunity to receive their new Toshiba laptop! Our team has done an outstanding job deploying 864 laptops and training staff all across the district. The IDEA Team have conducted 32 after school sessions which includes 1 beta session, 2 pilot sessions and 4 make-up sessions. All teachers who will be returning during the 16-17 school year are asked to trade in their old laptops for new ones. Final laptop exchange sessions will be announced to campuses soon. Please keep watch for these dates. Teachers who will no be returning next school year will need to follow the normal HR exit procedures when turning in their laptops.

Text Bigger? Yes, Please!

Now that teachers and administrators have not received their new Toshiba laptops, it’s time to customize the device to fit user needs. Many staff members have already began changing our desktop background or adding apps to your start menu. One other adjustment that may be beneficial to you is learning how to adjust the size of the text on our device. If the text on the Toshiba laptop is not large enough, there is a quick and easy solution available.  Click below to watch a video that provides step by step instructions on how to change the size of your text. More help resources can be found on our Instructional Technology website.

text change video

Skyward Student Information System Conversion on Track

Skyward Image

The district has now entered its 125th day in the District Skyward conversion process. Over the past few months, Skyward has conducted over 100 hours of training as well as over 40 hours of programming consultation with various staff members in preparation for the conversion.

While Kyle Berger, CTO, works to oversee the conversion process, Michelle Anderson, Manager of Information Systems, coordinates and facilitates the migration process. Ms. Anderson’s team have also been an integral part of the success of the conversion. Their efforts have proven valuable as they continually make strides to move us towards our goal. At this time the overall project is reaching all milestones and objectives as needed to achieve the go live date of July 1.


Many staff members have done an outstanding job working to learn the ins and outs of thecertified system. We want congratulate the following members who have already received Skyward certification level for parts of the new district student information system. Several of these staff members have already received multiple certifications. 

  • Chad Fitzgerald
  • Danielle Price
  • Katie Lene
  • Charmaine Malone
  • Shante Demerson
  • Avyon King
  • Tengemana Knight
  • LaTonya Irving
  • Robbie Carter
  • Moshae Fobbs
  • Carla Coggins
  • Nneka Bernard
  • Suzanne Gardner
  • Amy Kile
  • Tijuana Hudson
  • Terri Vehon
  • Terrance Chase
  • Wanda Carter
  • Laverne Dorsey
  • Gail Brayton
  • Yoland Munoz
  • Vanessa Barrera
  • Maria Caballero
  • Shanequa King
  • Debbie Arney
  • Yvette Herrera
  • Ramona Perales
  • Stacie Aldridge
  • Suzanne Hague
  • Erica Johnson Williams
  • Ed Marcell
  • Jayne Brown
  • Fay James
  • Essica Graves
  • Susan Tizsa
  • Margaret Willis
  • Mary Marcias
  • Catherine Rush
  • Sherry Lackey
  • Tomica Jackson
  • Christina Valderas
  • David Marshall
  • Monica Smith
  • Deborah Backus
  • Stephanie Talbot

Congratulations for a job well done!

Help Desk Match

At one time or another, when using technology you may have noticed that there are many different cables and ports that you come in contact with. HDMI, VGA, USB. . . What’s the difference? Let’s test your skills? Click here to play the game for a chance to win a price. The first 3 participants with all correct answers will be contacted and sent a prize through inter-office mail. Answers will be posted in the next blog.

Click image below to begin:

test your skills


Apple QuickTime Deletion for Windows Users

noqtMany of you may have heard QuickTime for Windows has the potential to lead to a virus. What you’ve heard is correct. The Department of Homeland Security issued a high level threat alert in relation to Apple QuickTime software on the Windows based PC. Simply put they said, “Urgent Call to Action: Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Today”.  Apple has acknowledged the threat, however they no longer are supporting Windows QuickTime and they have no plans to repair computers running the software. At the district level, Duncanville ISD Technology has auto-deleted QuickTime from all district windows computers. No action will be needed for staff members. 

If you currently have QuickTime on your home PC, it would be beneficial to delete it as soon as you can. QuickTime auto-installs when iTunes has been installed on your computer.

Click Here for assistance with uninstalling QuickTime from your personal computer at home.

If this issue is not addressed, there is a high potential for negative consequences which include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets. More information can be found at the US-CERT website.

Troubleshooting Tips for your Projector

As with any new technology, there is always a learning curve or kinks that may need to be worked out. If you experience trouble with your equipment, keep the following in mind:

Issue: Projector is not getting a signal.
Tip: Restart the computer with the HDMI plugged in. (Do not shut down, simply restart.) Keep in mind that your computer should not be left on at

Issue: Interactive pen does not align with cursor after calibration.
Tip: Restart the computer and unplug/replug the USB cable going from the wall to the computer.

If any of these issues occur and the suggesting tips do not alleviate the problem, please enter a help desk ticket. Refrain from standing on chairs to unplug/replug cables or attempting fix the equipment.


The following DISD staff members for winning last week’s Hidden Message Challenge!

  • Dawn Fluitt
  • Beverly Warren
  • Lori Schuster
  • Mary Michal Moore
  • Farrah Woods

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