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Don’t Forget!dont-forget-sticky-note

Change Your Passwords Before You Leave for Break

Don’t get caught locked out of your account this summer. Take just a few moments to reset your password before leaving for summer break. Any staff that finds themselves locked out of their account over the break can visit  https://reset.duncanvilleisd.org/ to reset or unlock accounts online. Instructions can be found on our technology website. Be sure that you have enrolled into your Self-Service account, while you are still on the DISD network.

Take Home Personal Technology Items

DISD Technology is asking all staff members to bring home all personal technology devices or equipment over the summer. Due to campus cleaning, salvage pick-ups, equipment relocation and more, it may be best to remove these item to avoid misplacement or accidental damage of equipment.

***WayFind Teacher Assessment Due Date Extended!***wayfind

Great news! Due to the hectic schedule that all teachers face at the end of the school year, technology will be extending the WayFind Teacher Assessment through the summer. The assessment window will close at midnight on July 31, 2016. We truly appreciate DISD staff taking the time to complete this assessment. The data collected from this assessment will allow the IdeaTeam to plan for technology professional development for next school year. It will also provide teachers with an idea of their own strengths and areas of growth in relation to technology.

Register for Summer Technology Training

idea team trainingDon’t forget to come out and join the Idea Team’s Instructional Technology staff for great hands-on training this June.

Register in Eduphoria ASAP! Sessions are filling up quickly. Search for the IdeaTeam to locate available sessions.



Set it Up Right!

Now that many staff have received a new classroom technology ecosystem, it may be a beneficial to plan ahead when setting up classrooms for next school year. Keep in mind where HDMI face plates and phones are located in classrooms and plan accordingly. Early planning will allow for a more effective teaching environment for students and staff.

Tips for Room Setup for Next School Year:

  • Move teacher desk and chair away from HDMI face plates to avoid accidentally hitting or breaking the cables or the plate.
  • Move student desks in groups or rows where all students can see the whiteboard.
  • Avoid placing teacher desk too close to the whiteboard as to block the projection view.
  • Plan to leave space on the whiteboard to allow for the full view of the projector. Keep bulletin board borders, decorations or word walls away from projection view.

Don’t Forget: Laptops

Back-Up Your Desktops and Laptops

While computers are a part of everyday life at school, they are not perfect. Lost information can lead to a very stressful situation. All important data should be backed-up before leaving for summer break. Back-up instructions can be found here.

Safety First Laptop_On_Car_Seat_3187186-300x225

When carrying your new laptop (or teacher/staff iPad) around this summer, don’t forget to that thieves may like your device and data just as much as you do. Be sure to avoid leaving your device unattended or exposed in your car. Also keep in mind that Texas gets hot! Remember to refrain from leaving your electronic devices in the car as well.

Final Toshiba Laptop Deployments

The last two opportunities for teachers to receive new Toshiba 2-in-1 laptops is June 3. Be sure to sign up in Eduphoria for a training and exchange session. Older laptops must be turned in on or BEFORE June 3.

  • June 3 at 8:00am at the IdeaHub-Register in Eduphoria HERE
  • June 3 at 3:00pm at the IdeaHub-Register in Eduphoria HERE

3 Tips to Keep in Mind to Protect Yourself From Hackers

comptuer virusHackers are always on the prowl ready to implant viruses or steal vital data. Take note of the tips below to avoid hacker infiltration.

  1. Duncanville ISD will never email you asking you to provide your username or password by email. Never provide secure information without verifying from the DISD technology department.
  2. Always look at who the email is coming from, much like a phone call. If you don’t know the person asking for such things, delete the suspicious emails or ask for help from DISD technology. 
  3. Strengthen passwords. At a minimum, passwords should be eight characters long, contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Click here for tips for creating passwords.

Let’s prevent our district from falling victim to these crimes. Be careful and always use your best judgment by erring on the side of caution.

Creating Shortcuts on Your Desktop

Many users utilize web link shortcuts on their desktop in order to quickly access important websites. Many of our DISD users have created a shortcut to access Eduphoria. Since the Eduphoria link has recently changed, users will need to update this shortcut. Click on the video to learn how to update the Eduphoria shortcut as well as any other website.

eduphoria video

Summer Tech IDEAs

As you take time to relax this summer, here are a few ideas that you may be interested in pursuing that will start your school year off right!pinterest.JPG

  1. Clean out your Outlook email box. This includes deleted items and junk email.
  2. Clean out your storage drives on D: Cloud or Google Drive. Be sure to delete unwanted files, especially large files.
  3. Pin a few great tech tools on Pinterest. Learn how to use Pinterest for Education by clicking here.
  4. Follow at least 3 educational technology Twitter feeds. Click here to help you get started. The IdeaTeam Twitter Basics training can be found here.
  5. Update your staff webpage. Take a few minutes to analyze your teacher website. What do you like about your current webpage? What can be done better? What should be updated for next school year? Summer may be an excellent time to update your teacher photo, add useful websites, links or tools.
  6. Find at least 3 great Google apps to use to enhance your lessons. Click here to learn how to add a Google app.

DHS Panthers to Win 2nd Place Honors in UIL Computer Science Competition

Congrats to the Duncanville HS Computer Science Team who brought home 2nd place honors in the District UIL competition held at Midlothian HS on Saturday, April 2nd. This year’s team included returning member Omar Cerpa, along with Joshua Lewis, Hannah Ismail, Sarah Jimenez, and Coach Teresa Prather.

The Computer Science event consists of an individual written problem-solving portion as well as a team computer programming portion.  In the programming portion, our Panthers matched the performance of the first place team; very impressive considering Mansfield is the one to beat in this event in our district year after year.  Of all individuals participating in the written portion, Omar Cerpa placed 6th this year, once again proving our Panthers can compete with the best in the district!

Congrats to the Winners of the “Test Your Technology Hardware Skills” Challenge!

The 3 individuals below received a handy-dandy prize from the IdeaTeam:

  • Sherri Smith
  • Devin Hanes
  • Hope Wilcox

Last Week’s Challenge Answers:

  1. USB/Printer Cable
  2. Monitor Power Cable
  3. HDMI Port
  4. Audio Cable
  5. Network Cable
  6. HDMI Cable
  7. DVI Cable
  8. VGA Cable

Have a GREAT Summer! ~The IdeaTeam




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